We make every home simple smart.

Our experienced design and engineering team has been completed different smart home and curtain  projects on apartment, detached house, business office, school and various NGO.

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IOS - Apple HomeKit 

Android - Google Home


Focus on life with fully automation of scene

Home Scene - Lighting automation

Preset routine for curtain automation

Set home temperature on the way home

Notification Alert on water leak detection

Various light switch to match your design



Smart Roller blinds, Curtain

Tailor made size and texture

7:00 AM


Set the preset wake-up time and the electric curtains will automatically open, letting the warm sunshine wake you up to a pleasant day.

Morning Scene

8:00 AM

Away Scene

Leave Home

Go out for  breakfast and work, you can activate the leaving scene with one click and the lights, curtains, electrical appliances, etc. will be turned off immediately, which is convenient and energy saving.

1:00 PM

Remote Control

​Forgot to turn off the lights? Want to check on your pets or children at home? While on the way to work, you can easily monitor the situation at home with a simple press. With various sensors, you can easily monitor the situation at home.

Security - Door Sensor

7:00 PM

Home Scene

Back Home

Unlock the door with your fingerprint, confirm your identity, automatically turn on the home scene, turn on the lights and air-conditioning automatically, play relaxing music, and slowly open the electric curtains, giving you a panoramic view of the night scenery.

10:00 PM

Good Night

​Want to relax and watch TV series before going to bed? Switch audio/video/movie scenes with one click, setting up the most comfortable environment for you so you can enjoy your favorite programs at any time.

Movie Scene

More than 1,000+ Customer selected Smart4Live
to design and install their Smart Home

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Quotation inquiry

Contact us via   WhatsApp   and simply provide the floor plan of the unit, the number of lights, the number and size of curtains, etc., and we will tailor a smart home solution and preliminary quotation for you.

Project Manage

After confirming the quotation, we will communicate and plan the wiring and project precautions with the customer's designer/decoration engineer before the project is carried out to ensure that the wiring meets the requirements of smart home

Installation & Setup

After the renovation project is completed, we will install smart devices for customers and set up mobile APPs for each family member to ensure that each family member's mobile device (iOS/Android) can smoothly connect to the smart system.

Project Complete

We provide comprehensive after-sales service and support. Need more functions, upgrades, maintenance, and teaching? Just make a phone call or leave a message and we will do our best to solve your problems.

Our Recent Project



  • 全屋HomeKit Siri聲控可調色溫燈帶2700K-6000K
  • 智能電動窗簾(可按預設時間、光度或溫度自動開關)
  • 裝修期間CAT6網絡佈線及WIFI設置
  • 燈槽可調光暗及調色溫LED燈帶
  • 遠程手機APP操控家電開關(冷氣、電視、HI-FI等)
  • IP鏡頭設置,隨時回看錄像,支持APP語音對講
  • 智能門鎖門鈴(拍卡、指紋、密碼及手機APP操控)


  • 全屋HomeKit Siri及Google Home聲控智能燈光
  • 智能電動窗簾(可按預設時間、光度或溫度自動開關)
  • 裝修期間全屋CAT6網絡佈線及WIF設定
  • 遠程手機APP操控家電開關(冷氣、電視、HI-FI等)
  • IP鏡頭設置,隨時回看錄像,支持APP語音對講
  • HomeKit智能門鎖(拍卡、指紋、密碼及手機APP操控)
  • 各款感應器,實時監測室內溫度、溫度及亮度
  • 漏水及可燃氣體監測感應器


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